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20 Jul 2011 , I thought the big advantage of the Polyakov design was that you ran the , Make the VFO band-switching (or use a DDS), a MBT for the.
Bill working on VFO for a rig built around HRO dial and gear box ,, oscillators Polyakov's "Russian Mixer" BANDSWEEP: A low frequency sweep by Chris,.
31 Jul 2012 , , need no VFO or VXO and could be left running almost continuously when , Labels: 10m, 28mhz, dsb, mixer, polyakov, qrp, transceiver, wspr.
28 Aug 2013 , I am now working on a DC receiver with Polyakov mixer from AA1TJ , For VFO inductors where high stability is required white/natural type-7.
POLYAKOV DIRECT DIGITAL SYNTHESIS RECEIVER November 17, 2015 No , MHz & 400-520 MHz Can operate VFO mode & Channel mode at the same t
20 Jan 2015 , 3 general purpose transistors and a Polyakov 2 diode mixer , The VFO employs an 2n3904 NPN transistor instead of an JFET The audio.
LC VFO runs 6-60 MHz, fed through f/4 flip flops to generate I/Q signals from 15-15 MHz (half-frequency I/Q VFO signals for Polyakov mixers.
21 May 2012 , DC: Polyakov The First DC receiver edited by he yl DC: Improvise Better Polyakov edited by he yl View All , VFO: ultra-audion LF to VHF.
The DC-80 A Direct Conversion Receiver for 80 Meters with "subharmonic" VFO in the "Polyakov" style July 15, 2009 by Rick Andersen, KE3IJ [Revised.
23 Jan 2007 , Most of them were V Poliakov RA3AAE designed, but also some from QST or other , VFO is made using the simplest circuit I can remember
17 Mar 2005 , , V Polyakov, RA3AAE described a mixer/product detector for use in , Since the RA3AAE receiver uses 80m VFO to operate on 40m, this is.
6 Oct 2015 , polykov mixer is a paire of Diode, simple but fascinated, worthy to try
In physics, the Polyakov action is the two-dimensional action of a conformal field theory describing the worldsheet of a string in string theory It was introduced by.
15 Nov 2015 , He started with an earlier design and replaced its analog VFO with his Si5351 , One interesting twist: the original design uses a Polyakov or.
1 Apr 2013 , DC-40 Direct Conversion Receiver for 40 Meters (Polyakov Detector ) , di website tersebut Polyakov Detector bekerja dengan LO=1/2 VFO,.
9 Nov 2015 , I stumbled across KE3IJ's version of an RA3AAE-style (V Polyakov) , That is, to tune in a signal at 7040 MHz, you would set up the VFO to.