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BP5 Back Pack Heavy-Duty - Designed for the 140 Dry , DW12C 12 Volt Electric Conversion Kit for (DW2) Dry Washer
Thompson Drywasher 12V and/or Hand Crank Bellow Model Catch gold without , Includes hand crank for manual operation without a battery Hand Crank only.
, hard at work! The 191 Dustless Drywasher put to the test , Welcome to ! , Keene's HydroAir Sniping for gold on the Yuba with Pat Keene
Large classifier Large free standing classifier used by Gary Grant for his Keene dry washer , Some manual dry washers can be easily converted to electric
Keene 191 Dry Blower AUD $3,40000 , Keene 140S Dry Blower With Motor AUD $1,57000 More Info Keene 140S Dryblower no motor AUD $92000
It has only been surpassed by our New Model 190 series combination dry washer We have incorporated many of the patented designs of the Model 190 into our.