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R" value of 5 per inch; Excellent for exposed applications , to install, Hydroguard is ideal for flat roof applications where the use of stone ballast is not practical
28 Oct 2016 , In other words, go above R-20, and make green roof decisions for other , than dimpled or high-hat, to limit the loss of R-value due to the presence of the mat , There is usually a vegetation-free zone (often stone ballast or.
4 Feb 2013 , Four inches of SPF would bring it up to at least R-26; six inches , Not sending old roofing to the dump is a plus, as is the excellent R-value of , The foam itself while far more reflective than mopped-on tar with stone ballast,.
12 Dec 2013 , The insulation property of building materials can be expressed as its per-inch R-Value, which indicates its degree of thermal resistance per inch.
A discrepancy in polyiso's R-valu 2013 , 1995 Determining R-values for tapered roof insulation systems , 1994 Stone ballast size gradation is expanded
10 May 2016 , This is moderate R-value insulation (from slightly less to slightly more than , thins and punctures easily; and 3) the ballast can puncture the roof membrane , Installation of a stone-protection over the membrane would avo
15 Jul 2010 , Crawlspaces High R-value Retrofits Foundations and Slabs , Figure 3: "The Perfect Slab"—The perfect slab has a stone layer that , insulation layer and the stone ballast (ie “roof cladding”) so that it is , So in an R-20 wall—at least R-10 or more on the outside of the non-conductive structural frame
This bulletin provides the measured values of thermal conductivity (k-value) and thermal resistance (R-value) for the most common natural stone types used in.
Aggregate: Gravel, crushed stone, washed round river gravel slag or mineral , bituminous flood coat; or (2) laid on a membrane as a protective ballast , “R” Value: In thermal insulation, the thermal resistance of insulation materials or.