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3 Aug 2015 , This hydraulic ironworker is very cheap It can punching and cutting angle sheet, and other sheet If you have interest, you can contact me
7 Aug 2015 , small multi-functional punching and shearing machine HARSLE MACHINE , HYDRAULIC SHEAR MACHINE / HYDRAULIC CUTTING.
28 Apr 2016 , Small hydraulic ironworker, the punching,shearing and notching machine website: harsle email: dories@harsle skype:.
27 Feb 2012 , This machine is used to cut and press paper using di This is hydraulic system For more details, pls email me lakshmitreaders@gmail
14 Jan 2008 , Specially made steel struture and electrical panel fabricator This punch press is user-friendly and changing of die set is very easy, users do not.