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“Now we are starting to see all the verticals get more savvy in the [IoT] space The industrial vertical has been using IoT for so long — it's already a part of its DNA.
AVF publishes white paper on “State of Vertical Farming” , Results will be included in a State of the Industry report which will be shared with you Please click.
29 Jun 2016 , Throughout the world a startup accelerator industry is taking hold, , In the United States and Canada, the growth in the accelerator industry peaked in , has a diversified revenue model, often focuses on a specific vertical,.
These factors have fueled explosive growth in the SaaS industry In fact , However, the recent growth trends are showing a consistent shift toward vertical SaaS.
In this paper, we give a detailed state-of-the-art of these existing vertical , IJNM, Communication Networks, European Journal of Industrial Engineering, Annals.
1 Feb 2017 , Key to understanding the current state of the pump industry is to examine which particular verticals performed the best and worst for business
17 Feb 2016 , Professionals & Experts who are wondering about the state of 3D printing should know that there's a quantitative study on the industry available for free , If you are a professional from of an underrepresented vertical that you.
28 Mar 2016 , This fact remains true across every industry vertical All organizations need to take their data security seriously, a focus which should include.
20 Dec 2016 , PHOTOS: Inside the 2017 CI State of the Industry Report , The corporate market, which is by far the industry's largest vertical and served by 84.
9 Aug 2015 , PSPs are offering solutions to a wide range of industri At this point there are 19 different industry verticals listed in Proxbook and the most.
8 Jun 2015 , In what verticals are the hot prospects? And what is the overall market outlook for the wide-format and specialty graphics industry? By Dan Marx
2015 State of the Apps Report tracks year-over-year trends in order to better understand the current mindset and future plans of app developers and publishers
Complete form to download the full report to discover the most popular use cases and vertical markets for IoT applications See which companies from across the.
25 Jan 2017 , We also discuss the hottest IoT use cases and vertical market applications are and how different, major IoT industry players fared this past year
Email marketing salaries overall Salary by geographic region Job openings by state Salary by industry vertical Salary by company size Salary by role
United States , The telecom sector continues to be a critical force for growth, innovation, and disruption across multiple technology industri , areas as the IoT, autonomous vehicles, industry verticals, M&A, and international expansion
Each industry in retail has their own priorities when dealing with consumer purchasing habits , Download the State of Retail 2016: Sub-Verticals to learn more
6 Jan 2016 , 1- Vertical vs Horizontal SaaS , Vertical SaaS: more and more industries will get “SaaS-ified (ex: the legal , Bessemer State of Cloud 2015
19 Feb 2016 , Expect to see continued increase in the use of 3D printing, which most likely will come from vertical industries currently using the technology,.
22 Feb 2016 , , statistics and the state of email marketing, broken down by industry , such as tracking, targeting, and subject line testing vary by vertical?
13 Jul 2016 , Read State of the Industry Report 2016 and the latest events news, , State of the Industry 2016: Vertical victors - which sectors are booming?
19 Dec 2016 , Key Takeaways for State of SaaS in 2016 SaaS is , Health, energy, and utilities lead industries today for vertical SaaS markets We expect the.
The state of the indoor farming industry in 2016, collected and presented by , foodshedio, the Association for Vertical Farming, and FarmersWeb to survey.
23 Jun 2015 , The 2015 State of Software Security report – the first the company has released , which varies greatly from industry vertical to industry vertical
25 Aug 2016 , Financial Industry's Concerning State of Cybersecurity , another contributing factor to this vertical growth in cybersecurity is its accelerated.
The year 2016 will reveal the state of digital transformation Are business leaders , IT occupation employment spans every industry vertical For example, the IT.
"State of Software Security Report: Focus on Industry Verticals" Volume 6 How Does Your AppSec Program Compare? Veracode's latest "State of Software.
7 Sep 2016 , Cloudy Days Ahead: The State Of The Cloud Industry For 2016 And , from last year, we trumpeted the rise of industry cloud or “vertical SaaS
, business world is the industry cloud, focusing on vertical industries and more , investing in How the Financial Times built its own industry cloud The state of.
A vertical market is a market in which vendors offer goods and services specific to an industry, , The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains a taxonomy called the North American Industry Classification System.