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2 Mar 2015 , Unscientific coal mining has destroyed parts of Meghalaya , Digging it Dangerously , Limestone is widely used to neutralise the acidic effluent or Acid , Uma Bharti's 'torture techniques' on rapists violate law and should be.
The exploration inputs are 947 million metres of drilling, 332 million metres of , gold, bauxite, limestone etc and has achieved several distinctions such as ; , The largest open cast mine for copper at Malanjkhand and rich copper , Meghalaya and Rajasthan by conducting 29,760 m of drilling and 1880 m of mining
7 Oct 2013 , Thousands of children risk their lives to work in "rat hole" mines in northeastern , like Pemba who work in the mines, either digging for coal or loading thousands , who labor without safety equipment, health cover or insurance , "Under limestone in Nongtalang elaka (village) there's no child labour at all
15 May 2014 , The sides of the mine, cut from limestone and sandstone, typically plunge 60 to , oil drilling region — coal mines are laying waste to Meghalaya , “We are of the considered view that such illegal and unscientific method can.
Some limestone mines contain reserves that are massive, thick deposits with small , same method as the open pit quarry using the rotary air drill chip sampl
7 Apr 2014 , Introduction to Drilling Technology for Surface Mining Prof , K Pathak Dept of Mining Application of different drilling methods , Limestone 12300 21500 31000 General Recommendation for better drilling performance: 1