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Current scrap metal prices and locations of scrap metal dealers across all of , stainless steel, iron, lead, gold, silver and indeed from car batteries or copper pipes too , metal prices per kilo and per pound for each individual metal you require , sheets and castings are specialist types of scrap that can be worth more than.
(kg/m) FOB china(USD/TON) 75×40: JIS , India Price Per Kg Iron, Price Per Kg , iron sheet Suppliers iron bars price Suppliers iron sheet price , price per kg.
$/Kg Aluminium Cans 090 Cast 116 Clip 118 Domestic, 116 Extrusion, 129 Litho, 114 Swarf, 036 Wire (clean), 118 PVC, 038 Radiators, 085
top [A] Iron Ore - Annual Contract Prices 1976-2007 [B] Iron Ore - Monthly , [B] Iron Ore Spot Price - Fines Only Spot prices based upon reports of buyers units : USD per , May estimates and are in metric tons (or tonnes), 1000 kg, or 2205 pounds - Mittal Steel: India 60 million tons steel per year, six percent of total market
Steel Guru's Market Intelligence Services (PS14) provide prices of (Steel) (Metals) product including Current Steel prices in India, Weekly/Monthly Steel price index, Per Ton/KG Steel Prices in , USD, 1000, 0000, 0000, 0000, 0000, 0000
If you are keen on discovering the most current scrap metal prices in , our prices for scrap copper, lead, aluminium, iron, stainless steel and brass too , If you are set on getting extremely high scrap copper prices per kilo then you , but I will go ahead and say that due to its high demand it is very much worth the extra effort
13 Jan 2017 , See the current scrap metal prices in Adelaide paid per kg for scrap metal items Current price for aluminium, brass, copper, lead & steel paid in.
The current, as of 14-Feb-2017, price of iron is 859 dollars per tonne Chart of Steel Price in USD Chart of Iron Price in USD Quandl's extensive industrial metal.
Ferro Vanadium Price 1846 USD/kg (1735 EUR/kg) 31 Dec 2016 - 52 Week Low 1352 USD/kg 52 , 1 Year Iron Ore Fines Prices - Iron Ore Fines Price Chart.
Real-time platinum price per kilo View platinum price charts in USD Track the current price of platinum over 3-days, 7-days, 30-days, one year &three years
This table lists the elements by their name and gives some historical prices for them and their commonly traded compounds The first of the two price columns shows the price in US dollars per kg of the compound specified The second shows the USD price per kg of element in the compound , Iron, Fe, 26 -, $72, [39]
2, 2015 at 12:30 pm (CT) when spot price Gold was at $1,05710 USD per troy ounce , APMEX displays the spot Gold price per gram, per ounce, and per kilo so , or iron, Gold is rarer to find, which means Gold prices today are higher than.
metal*;price*, london metal exchange lme metal prices for aluminum, aluminum alloy, lead, copper, tin, nickel, zinc, metal prices for stainless steel, cobalt, , from key North American cities and regions, a National Index & Iron Ore pric , Nebraska, Utah and Texas have traded at increases of $10-20 per gross ton this.
Metal*;Price*, Scrap Metal Prices for Aluminium Scrap, Tin Scrap, Tin Products, Copper Scrap, Steel, Nickel, Copper, Tin, Zinc,Gold, Scrap Buyers Suppliers.
Monthly price chart and freely downloadable data for Iron Ore Price in US Dollars per Dry Metric Ton 6 month history
Local Time, Exchange, Last Price, % Week, % Year, 31Dec2016, Units , USD / tr oz Trading Live, CME Group, -04, 1568, 00%, 00%, 1568, $ USD / tr oz , 16 Feb 2017 20:59, NMCE of India, _, 84070, 00%, 00%, 84070, RPS / Kg.
However pricing is almost always in dollars per hundredweight ($/cwt or $/100 pounds) and ordering is usually in , Tonne – 1000 kilograms or a Metric ton (MT)
Listing the cast iron, grey iron and ductile iron prices per pound, kilogram and each ton by , Price (USD/LB), Unit Weight of Casting (KG), Price (USD/KG), Price
Molybdenum Oxide Price 692 USD/lb (15,25004 USD/t | 14,34510 EUR/t) 14 Feb 2017 - 52 , 1 Year Iron Ore Pellets Prices - Iron Ore Pellets Price Chart.
Current and historical commodity and metal pric Metal price charts for gold, silver and other minerals Oil, natural gas and other energy pric
Aeroliteorg answers the question 'How much is a meteorite worth' and presents a guide to , At the low end of the pricing scale are ordinary chondrit , Iron meteorites were once part of the molten core of a large planet or asteroid, and often , Larger, high quality specimens typically sell for $200 to $300 per kilogram
Common iron meteorite prices are generally in the range of US$050 to US$500 per gram , In 1993 approximately 331,000 kilograms of gold were produced in the United States alone , are not gem quality, but a good grade one carat diamond can cost several thousand US dollars or $25,000 to $30,000 per gram
China's average price of iron ore prices ranged from $97 to $113 (USD) per ton during January through May 2007 (National Development and Reform.
Price per kilo 8 hour 24 hour Price per ounce 8 hour 24 hour Price per kilo 8 hour 24 hour Price per ounce 8 hour 24 hour Price per kilo 8 hour 24 hour.
Iron Ore Fines Price 5831 USD/t (5486 EUR/t) 31 Dec 2016 - 52 Week Low 4189 USD/t 52 Week High , Historical Iron Ore Fines Prices - Iron Ore Fines Price History Chart , USD/kg 1846 000 000% Iron Ore Fin USD/t 5831 000
Premier Recycling is pleased to offer our Mississauga scrap metal pric Please call , COPPER BARE BRIGHT, $300, Per lb , CAST IRON, $13000, Per NT
Iron Ore Spot Price (Any Origin) is at a current level of 8000, unchanged from 8000 last month and up from 4200 one year ago This is a change of 000 from.
Market Price, Pure or Alloy & the Delivery Form , fashion, but are blended with up to ten percent of a combination of nickel and iron or copper , tungsten plate, tungsten wire, and tungsten rod would each have a different price per kilo cost
Metal Prices,China Copper,aluminum,lead,zinc,nickel,tin historical prices and , PMI and Iron ore Export and Import prices all in Shanghai Metals Market(SMM) , on global crude oil markets; Brent crude oil is higher by 11% at USD 5619/bbl , kilo tons in the global market for refined lead metal during last year, as per the.
Numismatist and numismatic : All prices in live to buy and sell gold and silver coins En Dollar US , USD, Yesterday, 30 days, Jan 1st, 52 wk, Yr high, Yr low 1 oz, 1,23266 , 1 kg, 39,63094, 38,66931, 37,26593, 38,96670, 39,92319, 37,00551 , 08:45 Silver futures up at Rs 42,774 per kgThe Hindu Business Line