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Todd Hoffman is de grote ster en tevens bedenker van de reality show Gold Rush , Todd Hoffman werd op 12 april 1972 geboren in Sandy, Oregon, VS en.
12 Jan 2011 , SEASON 10 JUST AIRED IN SOUTH AFRICA , TO TODD HOFFMAN , A FRONTAL LOBOTOMY AND A FACE TRANSPLANT MIGHT , Why in the world do you need to be gold mining when you are a slum lord apartment.
12 Oct 2016 , Gold Rush's Team Hoffman mines for gold in Oregon We talk to Dave Turin on the team's decision and what went horribly wrong
11 Apr 2012 , Todd Hoffman is the gold mining Boss on Discovery Channel's series Gold Rush Learn more about Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush
Alaska: The mining was originally only happening in AK, but the Hoffmans' move to the Klondike widened , Todd and Jack Hoffman; Tony Beets , Jungle Gold featured a totally unrelated group from Utah mining in Ghana in western Africa
23 Oct 2013 , Do you make more money mining or being on TV? Be honest permalink , Todd and Jack- Huge fan of the show, thanks for doing an AMA! My questions- , We just returned from South America, not Africa That's Jungle Gold.
Todd Hoffman is set for success and Parker Schnabel is confronting failure, while , As a new mining season begins, Parker gets off to a disastrous start when he.
Gold Rush is a reality television series that airs on Discovery The seventh season of the show , In season 2, (show renamed to Gold Rush) Todd misses a lease payment on Porcupine Creek and "Dakota" Fred Hurt , The season explores the Hoffman crew's new mine at Quartz Creek, in the Klondike region of the Yukon,.
27 Sep 2013 , Todd Hoffman has located ground in the jungles of South America that hold five times more gold than the Klondike He plans to mine it, but only.
10 Jan 2016 , Wright and Lomu had never imagined they would end up mining for gold in Ghana , That Mormons would choose to deal gold in West Africa may seem odd, , Todd Hoffman, Tony Beets, and Parker Schnabel in Gold Rush
7 Jun 2016 , Turin is teamed up with cast member Todd Hoffman, the founder and leader of 316 Mining, which operates on a claim in the Klondike region of.
18 Nov 2016 , We caught up with the gold miner/reality star to talk about the realities of gold mining on TV, the impact of fame on his life, and his public feud.
21 Oct 2016 , On the current season of Discovery's popular Gold Rush reality series, Todd Hoffman and his crew of miners have left the Canadian Klondike.
30 Nov 2014 , If the artisanals could do it, so could Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman and team , Guyana's artisanal miners, known locally as pork-knockers, must.
27 Oct 2012 , Todd Hoffman and his (now) divided crew kicked off television's , but this time they're taking the mining to the dangerous African jungle, where.
14 Oct 2016 , Dave Turin from the Hoffman crew gives hints about the new, , The Inquisitr previously reported that the Gold Rush teaser shows Todd Hoffman admitting that they have lost , Perhaps it is because, in Season 7, they are mining at High Bar , South America Africa Asia Australia News Canada Europe.
14 Aug 2014 , It will be the work you do when the mining season is over so you can , I would rather see Fred and Dustin than that clown Todd Hoffman , anyhow gold rush is a very entertaining show in south africa, nice one discovery,
9 Aug 2013 , Why is mining for gold better (in your opinion) than taking your initial capital and , We initially we went to Africa with the last of our cash to flip gold, ,, Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush had the same thing happen to him and he.
12 Jan 2017 , Jack Hoffman of Gold Rush goes to Africa to investigate the work of Africa New Life, a nonprofit organization working to better , Todd Hoffman