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Goulds Shallow Well Jet Pumps May be used on shallow or deep well , Since suction lift is the height to which atmospheric pressure will force water into a vacuum, , In a deep well jet pump, the nozzle & venturi are in an ejector package that is , Rustler SJE Rhombus Simer StaRite Strataflo Super Brute SuperMax.
This suction nozzle works with our 4 inch suction hose and has a net weight of 6 pounds A 15 inch pressure hose is easily secured to the nozzle with a 15 inch.
15" Suction Nozzle for 1" Pressure Hose Quick View 15" Suction Nozzle for 1" Pressure Hose $9900 2" Suction Nozzle for 125" Pressure Hose Quick View
The new Gould-Bazooka, uses the Suction Nozzle principle It is 67% more efficient then the currently used Straight Jet Venturi (Log) used by other dredge.